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Please report any bugs to flopp@amc-os.com

Installation and compilation

Download FLOPP source then compile it :


tar xzf flopp.tar.gz
cd flopp

Windows (with Visual Studio)

tar xzf flopp.tar.gz
cd flopp
nmake /f Makefile.win32

Your floppd executable has been built if no errors occured. Please report any program-side errors to FLOPP Development Team

Configuration file

Create your flopp.conf and places it either in FLOPP working directory, in /etc or /usr/local/etc.

FLOPP Configuration File Format

server <nom> {
[listen [ip:]<port>;]
[timeout <sec>;]
[logfile <filename>;]
[maxclients <nbclients>;]
[stats on;]
[accesslist {in|out|stats} default {deny|permit} {
[{deny|permit} <ip> <netmask>;]

FLOPP Main Configuration Directives

server <nom>;

Defines a new POP proxy to generate by floppd.

listen [ip:]<port>;

Defines the TCP port on which FLOPP will listen. By default, this option is set to 110. You may also defines the server IP to bind flopp on.

logfile <filename>;

Defines the name and path of log file. Typically set to flopp.log.

maxclients <nbclients>;

Defines the maximum number of simultaneous connected clients. Depends on needs and server. By default, this option is set to 40.

timeout <seconds>;

Defines the number of seconds before timeout of client-to-proxy connection, or proxy-to-popserver connection. Typically set to 60.

stats on;

Activates the STATS command, in order to get statistics on use of server. Notice however that stats are activated only when the stats access list has been defined.

FLOPP Access Lists (ACLs)

General syntax :

accesslist {in|out|stats} default {deny|permit} { ... }

Defines if in (client->flopp), out (flopp->server), and stats ACLs allows or denies connection attempts by default.

{deny|permit} <network> <netmask>;

Defines if a network is allowed or denied in current ACL.


If you want to allow clients from to be proxied to any POP server except, you may create these ACL:

accesslist in default deny {
accesslist out default permit {

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(c)Copyright, 2003-2004, Aurélien Méré